If you’ve reached us here, you probably share our love of the beautiful and unique island of Madeira. We want you to enjoy all the island has to offer as much as we do, so let us take care of your Island Life when you can’t, freeing up leisure time when you are here.  We provide a concierge and hosting service to part-time Islanders and owners of short term let properties.

Be assured that when you arrive everything is in place so you don’t lose valuable downtime on cleaning and admin, or if you have a short term rental you need managed, we are here to take care of your investment and ensure you are getting bookings, satisfied guests and positive reviews. Our first language is English and Andre is fluent in Portuguese so communication is clear at all times.

As a small family business, we provide personalised and reliable service, giving comfort and peace of mind to our clients who feel at ease knowing their property and admin needs are taken care of.


André has been visiting Madeira on holiday since childhood, as his parents are from the island and both emigrated to South Africa as children, with their families still maintaining close links with Madeira.

In 2015 we took our first trip here as a family and by our third trip in 2019 we were already talking about making a permanent move to Portugal. We made another trip in 2020 with the intention of having a short break before moving to Lisbon but we never left, and we are now overjoyed to call Madeira home!

Meet your concierges

Meet André Petim

André began his career as a goalkeeper at the age of 15, joining Ajax Cape Town’s youth academy and going on to play football for a living for the next 15 years. After retiring from playing he became a Goalkeeper and Assistant Coach and is now a part time coach for a team on the island. His experiences in the football world have taken him all over Africa, and to Europe, gaining knowledge and understanding of different cultures along the way as he worked alongside players and management from many different countries. He has a serious love of golf and also enjoys spearfishing and DIY.

Meet Lauren Petim

Lauren has worked in various industries from finance and fashion to property, in Cape Town, London and in Florida where she worked at a small, exclusive country club and gained exposure to international hospitality standards. She ran an events company from 2012-2018 and entrepreneurship taught her the invaluable skills of multitasking, time management and prioritisation of tasks. Lauren has studied Event Management and Graphic and Interior Design. She enjoys reading and watching documentaries, gardening and growing veggies, spending time in nature and travelling with her family.